Infrastructure characteristics and driving returns

Published: March 10, 2017

The infrastructure asset class has been growing in popularity as an investment destination for both institutional and SMSF investors. This is because infrastructure offers a range of investment characteristics that can be particularly attractive in the low interest rate and volatile market conditions we have seen in recent times. Attractive, consistent returns For example, infrastructure […]

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The resilient Australian dollar – how long will it last?

Published: March 8, 2017

The Australian dollar showed resilience during the second half of 2016 due to a number of variables. Commodity prices rallied, the US Federal Reserve pushed back interest rate hikes, the market started pricing out interest rate cuts from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and Australian and global economic data was generally positive. The Australian […]

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How to tackle tertiary education costs with your kids

Published: March 3, 2017

If higher education is on the cards for your children in the not too distant future, sitting down with them to discuss the costs and considerations could go a long way. This is particularly important when you take into account that the average debt for a tertiary student in Australia is estimated at $17,500, with […]

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The perfect property at an affordable price – it’s not a myth

Published: February 17, 2017

 So you’ve found your dream home, but it’s in need of a little TLC. While others may see this as a deterrent, this is actually a great opportunity to nab the house of your dreams at a price tag that’s within your means. Here’s how to tactfully negotiate the price without ruining your chances of […]

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Do you value your input as much as your income?

Published: February 15, 2017

At least one in five Australians will be unable to work due to an unexpected accident, injury or illness at some point in their life.1 Despite the statistics most of us go about our daily routine as if we’re indestructible, invincible or unbreakable. If something were to happen though, who’d step in on your behalf? […]

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Super – even more important for women

Published: February 13, 2017

Women tend to live longer than men, making it even more essential that they accumulate enough superannuation to last through retirement. But women face unique challenges when it comes to retirement savings. Lower pay, time out of the workforce to raise children, and running a single-parent household, can make it challenging to build a reasonable […]

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Changes to super are coming into effect from July

Published: February 7, 2017

See what you should be aware of and what the new laws could mean for your future goals. The government’s May 2016 Federal Budget proposals and several subsequent modifications to its plans around super reform passed through both houses of parliament at the end of November. With new regulations set to become part of Australian […]

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Should I roll my debts into one?

Published: February 6, 2017

You might pay less in fees and interest charges if you consolidate your debts, but there'll still be things to look out for. If all those small debts you once had, have somehow multiplied and grown into bigger debts, rolling them into one could reduce what you’re paying in fees and interest. If you’ve heard […]

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What financial records do I need to keep?

Published: January 18, 2017

Life can be complicated enough without all the administrative paperwork that often accompanies it. This is particularly true when it comes to your personal finances. If stacks of old bank statements, utility bills, receipts, insurance and superannuation documents mean you can’t see the trees for the paper,de-clutter, simplify your finances and improve your quality of life […]

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The holiday’s over for credit card debt

Published: January 18, 2017

There’s something about heading off on holiday that can see us throw financial caution to the wind, and it may mean arriving home with the excess baggage of an overloaded credit card. In fact, last year 41% of Australians returned from vacation in hock to their credit card, with the average holiday-induced debt being a […]

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