Les McGuire

Authorised Representative

Throughout life, helping people is what drives me most. I feel blessed that my chosen profession in life is based purely on helping people achieve their personal, financial and business goals.

I chose this path in life after setting up and running my own companies, holding senior management and board positions within other companies and realising after speaking to so many people that this is what people struggled with most.
The greatest results aren’t necessary from consistently professing to outperform the financial markets. This is something I aspire to do for my clients, however, being there to help them through the toughest times and be that person who is prepared to listen and give caring constructive advice to celebrate the good and assist when times are difficult is important to me.

I have a real passion for people. When I engage with my clients, I make a commitment to be there for them. Good advice, communication and genuinely caring about their needs in a proactive (not reactive) manner is what makes a good adviser in my mind.


Michael Knight

Authorised Representative

After spending a number of years in the banking and finance industry I came into Financial Planning and truly witnessed how important our profession is to assist everyday people build wealth, protect their wealth and live happy productive lives.

I love my team sports and believe that the client relationship we develop is a team mentality as we need to work together throughout the financial journey.

I believe in the significant role our business plays in people’s lives and I enjoy having “chats” with our clients on what is important to them and assisting them in the journey.

Beverley Mitchell

Administration Supervisor

Having spent many years in the financial advice profession, I have seen the tremendous value that people who choose to participate in the advice process receive and achieve. A case in point is where people who work and save hard for their retirement are able to really enjoy themselves when they reach this personally important milestone. Another, is in the area of insurance claims – where people are typically at a low ebb both financially and emotionally and I am able to assist them through this involved process to enable them to achieve some level of financial certainty and stability.

Being a human voice on the end of a phone call from one of our clients to assist them with an issue, concern, or just simply to have a chat is also really important to me. There is nothing more frustrating when you pick up a phone only to go through a series of “options” before you can actually get to talk to a human. You finally get to this point and tell your story – only to be told that you have come through to the wrong area and will need to be passed on to someone else … and you have to tell your story all over again.

My job requires dealing with lots of paperwork to get things done and in place for people – getting the job done quickly and correct the first time is something that gives me great pride and conviction. That’s why I do what I do … which is “to help people achieve what it is they want to achieve with a minimum amount of fuss and bother”.

Courtney Brown

Client Support Specialist

I joined Future Proof Financial Planning straight after leaving school, and have now been a part of the team for just over 3 years. I have completed two certificates in Business administration and under a watchful eye of our office manager Bev, I have learnt more than I can imagine and am continually evolving in my role.

One of the most empowering aspects in this role has been the importance of people’s lives and their personal interests and helping them get to where they want to be. Being involved with such a diverse range of people, clients and industry experts every day makes a very interesting and exciting role.

I love the opportunity to be a part of making a difference in people’s lives. It is very rewarding to be able to help people in difficult times such as providing assistance through times of loss or injury or to celebrate the exciting times of congratulating clients on the settlement of their new home. I enjoy being able to remove the stress of the application process and ensuring the desired outcome is achieved. Putting clients and their goals first has always been a priority to me.

I originally thought real estate was the career path I wanted to follow however after joining such an active and caring financial planning business I have changed to want to learn more and more about this profession and become the best I can be.

I never knew work could be fun, yes it can be challenging however very rewarding, being able to make such a positive difference to so many people’s lives is amazing.


Catherine Ryan

Administration Assistant

I am the latest member to join this wonderful team at Future Proof.

I’ve worked in the Finance Industry for most of my working life & I love being around people of all backgrounds & it’s all about sharing & giving people the right information to make the best informed decisions to achieve their financial goals. I grew up in a multi-cultural environment and I understand the respect people need especially with their hard earned funds.

I believe we all have a common path in mind and that is to take care of those closest to us and give a hand up to all those we care for. This is why I work in the finance industry, I especially love watching clients grow towards & achieve the goals they have set out.

I speak with a variety of people on a daily basis, some may need help financially and others who may only be starting out or there are those at the end of their working life; all who want to achieve financial stability. It’s good to be part of the team helping people live and manage their wealth to retirement.

I’m surrounded by some of the best Financial Advisors in the business and it is through their work, diligence & passion; that our clients achieve their goals. It makes me happy to work with such a great company day to day!

Kristen Walsh

Administration Assistant

Before joining Future Proof, I didn’t realise the importance of superannuation and how it builds wealth for the future. As a result of working in this industry I have realised just what a necessary part superannuation plays in life.

I find great satisfaction in helping to ensure that client’s policies are performing efficiently so they are able to look forward to a secure financial future. I enjoy being able to take care of the paperwork side of things for clients as this is a very time consuming task when often they are time poor and unable to complete it themselves.

The team at Future Proof are passionate about people and achieving the best possible outcome for them.